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суббота, 16 марта 2013 г.

Sushi helps moms with early childhood development

If you’re a mom who has a child from newborn to age of eight, you probably heard something about the early childhood development, or you are most likely practicing it with your child. Do you know that the experiences a child obtains in his early childhood are critical to his emotional and intellectual development? During these early years, 75% of brain growth is completed.

Of course, each mother would want to see her children smart, intelligent and very healthy. And for those mothers who are sushi lovers this task can be not hard at all.

How can sushi help moms with this brain-development program? The best exercise to develop child's brain is to play the various games with his fingers and palms. Picking small items up, touching different textures, massaging the palms with something hard and rolling things between the hands – all this stimulates a kid's brain. So, basically all a sushi-lover-mom needs to do is to prepare the family favorite sushi with her children at home!

Here are some “fun sushi games” for raising your brainy child…

Washing rice. Put some rice in a large bowl and cover it with water. Ask your child to wash the rice thoroughly. For this offer your kid to grab some rice, squeeze it between the palms and rub it until the rice is clean. It is a great sushi-rice massage for your little one!

Sorting sushi fillings. If you are making several types of sushi, you probably have various fillings in front of you. Put some of the ingredients on one large plate and give your little sushi-maker several smaller plates. Ask your kid to sort each filling to a separate plate. Picking up small pieces of cheese, avocado, shrimp or cucumber will tickle your child's brain!

Rolling sushi. When everything is ready to make a sushi roll, offer your precious one to make it first together with you and then by himself. He would be delighted with this idea! Help him make a roll with a bamboo mat and bring to his attention how great it is to be able to make such a complicated task. It will make him proud of himself and will raise his self-consciousness. This game provides a palm massage, trains hand muscles and develops the child's coordination as he needs to use both hands simultaneously. Rock-n-roll, sushi-lovers!

Chopsticks fun. Chopsticks can be a great training machine for everyone, and especially for a child. Being able to eat sushi with chopsticks is a great skill. But more than the fact of being able to eat sushi the way it is supposed to, chopsticks are incredible for developing your coordination. Playing with chopsticks, trying to find a delicate balance trains your ability to hold chopsticks in your relaxed hand and use them, and will give a boost to your child's brain development!

And by the way, if you play these “fun sushi games” together with your child, it will keep your mind sharp as well. Have fun and some sushi!

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