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четверг, 14 декабря 2017 г.

Just play the game

Winter cold weather won't bother you as long as you know how to play its game. The rules are extremely simple. Here they are.

  • Let your child be as active as possibleLet him run, jump, throw the snowballs, or roll down the slopes. When the baby moves his whole body gets enriched with oxygen. This especially healthy in winter time when we warm our houses by using the artificial heating.
  • Try not to use sled too much. The best way to use it is letting your just made snowman take a ride. When the child sits still without moving, his feet get cold that may result in catching flu.
  • Have fun together! Don't you want yourself to play snowballs or make the army of snowmen and snow-women? Don't you miss the fun of building the snow fortresses? Do all this together with your lovely child and this surely make your relationship strong and healthy. Besides, both of you will remember these days spent together by playing fun winter games as the brightest and the happiest moments of your life! 

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