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среда, 20 января 2016 г.

iPad smart cover: slim and chic

When Apple launched its iPad 2 early last year, the world gasped with surprise for the device new slim and chic look. It was 33% thinner than the original iPad and seemed extremely hot. But losing some weight and dropping millimeters off is a dress-up issue being on a table. Old bulky protective cases didn’t fit the newcomer.

Apple was smart enough to launch the new gadget all dressed-up…and involved in relationships. “The Smart Cover and iPad 2 were made for each other,” says Apple official website, and it sounds like an equivocal statement of “one great idea on top of another” taking you right to the buying angle of Apple marketing program. The Smart Cover and iPad 2 are known as “A magnetic attraction” and “An on-again, off-again relationship” happily married couple.

The Smart Cover designed the way it naturally fits iPad 2 as is of the exact same size, perfectly aligned with iPad 2’s frame and has a cleverly designed thin, metal magnetic anchor hidden in its hinge. More than that, the cover is a flexible but sturdy protective sheet with three ribs on it allowing the cover to fold. Inward cover side is a soft microfiber cloth that supposedly cleans your iPad 2 screen when it is closed.

Apple Smart Cover for iPad 2 is smart indeed. Being foldable it transforms into a nice FaceTime and video stand for convenient video-calling or movie watching. The Cover turns into the keyboard pad staying in place and having just the right angle for typing. When you open the Smart Cover, your iPad 2 instantly wakes up. When you close it, your device goes to snooze. No buttons pressed, it is just the Smart Cover that does this all.

Smart Covers come in ten various colors from conservative black and silver to vibrant lime and orange. Five colors are for the Smart Cover made of polyurethane, “which is used to make spacesuits,” as Steve Jobs noted. The rest of the color covers are crafted from high-quality, naturally treated material that gets its color from a rich aniline dye. A piece of “a spacesuit” costs $39, while the leather ones make you numb for $69. Quite pricy, aren’t they?

When you see this slim, slick and chic Smart Cover you want to buy it. When you know what it can do, you get your money ready to purchase it, and when you discover Smart Cover’s not-so-smart price, you hesitate. But do not hold back in doubt if you feel this sleek looking device is right for you. The enjoyment of possessing a smartly covered precious gadget will do much more for you than saving some money.

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