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понедельник, 17 апреля 2017 г.

Creative Pillows: icon collection

No house can be imagined without pillows. This decorative element can add a splash of coziness to the most dull room or even become a house centerpiece, especially if a pillow is of unique design. Today you can satisfy your eagerness with all possible shapes of sofa cushions and pillows. They come in a wide range of colors to impress your imagination. They are lovable, huggable and highly admirable.

You probably have a few sofa pillows as well. Some people have hundreds of them laying around their house and considered to be collectibles. And some other people create these pillow collections to be sold to pillow addicts. Cat or dog looking pillows for pet lovers, Yoda pillow for Star Wars fans, and the most popular at the present time computer icons collection for some computer geeks are for sale at the pillow market.

This icon collection is really something worthy at least to look if not to buy. The comfy pillows are made of soft fleece and are designed as an oversized popular icon of softwares and commonly liked websites. Are you on Facebook? How often do you Google? Have you checked your Gmail? Do you tweet? Would you like to subscribe to RSS? Have you already switched to Google Chrome? Do you prefer android platform?

If you said “yes” to at least one question, you should get a pillow with your favorite icon right away. They can nicely elevate your mood and light up your working place. You can take them to bed or simply hug while chatting with your friends. You can put them at your car backseat or make a present to your boss or your buddy.

There is even more than simply computer icons used. Some creative pillows have words on them like “subscribe”, “follow”, “like +1”. Sounds familiar? Yes, you've seen these words millions of times on the Internet. And you can have fun using these pillows by substituting the real words with the pillow words during your conversations. If you like this fun idea, check on the chat pillows that have with most popular chat abbreviations on them, including but not limited to LOL, TTYL, BRB, O RLY?, YA RLY, ILY and OMG. You don’t know what this mean? You should go on-line then and start chatting!

The chat pillows are also available in a mini-size version. You can tie them to your purse or a backpack and have them always ready to be used in fun chatting. Or you can play with them with your friends or kids as these pillow-babes are extremely cute and soft. And of course, you can become a pillow collector and start getting the funniest pieces from all around the world!

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