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четверг, 11 января 2018 г.

Play a winter detective

Is your lovely child curious? Does he love quizzes and riddles? Then play a winter detective! It is very easy.

Where to go
You have unlimited options where to go – woods or a city park, a lake or a back yard. Whatever location you choose make sure it's safe for both of you to play there. There may be dangerous objects covered with snow, so please be extremely cautious when taking your kid there.

What to take
Every decent detective has a case with necessary tools. You should definitely take with you as many tools as you have or want to use: a magnifying glass, a sketch-book and a pencil, a camera, a dictating machine, several Ziploc bags, and pincers. Wet wipes could be helpful as well.

What to do
If you discover any footprints on the snow, you can follow in the tracks of this “somebody”, and identify the animal or bird if you are lucky. In case if you don't meet this “somebody” you tracked, just take a picture or draw the footprints to figure them out at home. 

In case you have a dictating machine (almost any cell phone has one built in as well) try to record the birds chirping, snow crunching or sounds of an icebound river. These sounds of nature are the most precious educative materials.

If it's snowing try to catch as many snowflakes as possible. Scrutinize them, draw them, take pictures and play riddles. You won't see a pair of the same snowflakes. They all different!

What to do with all this
Back at home pamper yourself with a warm lemon tea or a glass of hot chocolate. Then investigate all the pieces of evidence you collected. Make up a movie or a slide-show and enjoy your winter-time fun time!

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