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среда, 10 января 2018 г.

Winter quest to warm up

We all know (and play sometimes) the usual winter-time games like snowballs, skiing or making snowmen. But what else you can do with your child during the cold and snowy winter days? Here is an unusual idea.

Winter quest

The quest game is suitable for kids of 2 years and up. You can personalize the quest as you know your child and his preferences.

First, you make up a plan on a piece of paper. Think of how many “stations” you will have and where exactly they will be. Try to set up the stations in different places so you will need to run back and forth from one station to another. This will keep your child warm and active.

Second, think of quiz questions or tasks your child should complete at the stations. Make them educational so your kids can learn something new as well. Relate to the information already known to your child when making up quizzes. Try not to make the tasks too hard, so they could be completed easily and for a short time. This will keep your child's brain warm and active.

Third, get a “treasure item” your kid will be searching for. It could be a small toy, or a book, or something your child would love to have. Try not to make it an expensive surprise one unless it is a winter birthday quest.

Forth, take pictures, record a video and make a home movie of your winter outdoor activities with your child. Watch it and laugh while sipping a warm tea with lemon and honey, and share you love and hugs with your loved family!

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